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Of all the things you'll spend money on for your wedding day the only thing that will appreciate over time is your photographs; your memories! By asking someone as experienced as Photowork to be a part of your wedding day you are appointing a trustworthy curator of those precious moments to be treasured by future generations. Here is a distillation of the many things we've learnt in our 35-year journey, all of which will become important to you on your big day:

Reliability & Punctuality
LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE. We meticulously go over your schedule, your locations, travel times and potential obstacles. We research the venues and locations, visiting beforehand (if practical) to familiarise and visualise. We chat to staff to ease any possible tensions so we can work flawlessly together on the day. We consider the weather, the backgrounds, any lighting demands and plan for every eventuality. And we double-check our gear beforehand, always carrying spares of everything.

Technical Expertise & Equipment
KNOW YOUR GEAR. Digital cameras, modern lenses and remote lighting offer fantastic possibilities at the cost of considerable complexity. The last thing we want is to neglect the warm personal connection we need to have with you by constantly fumbling with settings. Through years of experience using the equipment has become intuitive, so we can relax and concentrate on what brings out the best in you.

Creative Skill and a Word on Style
LET THE MOMENT DICTATE THE STYLE. Much is made recently about shooting in a particular style. This can be limiting if you want the photographs to stay honest and authentic. A master photographer should be able to adapt his style to convey powerfully the expression of each moment. So, while a journalistic style may be great for capturing spontaneous laughter it would be wholly inadequate for expressing intimate emotion. And while a formal style may serve well at a period wedding it could be completely out of place in a relaxed, avant-garde event. Letting the moment dictate the style takes creative skill, intuition and like great wine it improves by the year.

Seeing the Beauty in Everyone
EVERYONE IS PHOTOGENIC! This colloquial expression merely describes how relaxed or terrified one is in front of the camera. Is this your concern? It's our job to help you relax and forget the camera is even there. Only then can we bring out the real beauty in you, the real you. So we chat, we share a light-hearted moment, we make suggestions, we try something out... No rush, no forced poses, no cheesy smiles! This ability is the essence of our craft, perfected over decades.

Prints, Albums, Creative Studio
TIME HONOURS THE TANGIBLE. At Photowork we do not oblige you to order albums and prints. However, the full value of our photography is realised only when turned into something tangible, in the form of prints, albums or photography books. Knowing that over time you will be glad to have a tangible way to re-live the memories, we offer significant discounts if you make a commitment to such items at the time of booking. Your choice is great: quality fine art prints and exquisite hand-crafted albums by renowned artisan makers such as Cypress, Folio, GraphiStudio, Koy and Queensberry. And our in-house creative studio will guide you along the path of creating something magnificent.

Customer Delight
A GREAT DESTINATION CALLS FOR A DELIGHTFUL JOURNEY. Apart from delivering great images consistently, we work hard to provide you with a delightful experience every step of the way. So let Photowork be a part of your special day – let us work together to make memories that will last a lifetime. Start the journey today with a friendly chat about your plans.
    Call to discuss: +44 (0)330 330 9051
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