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Red Rose £500 – 3 hours' attendance
Ideal for small, discreet and registry office weddings. Starts at the place of ceremony and includes limited coverage at the reception.

Wild Lily £950 – 5 hours' attendance
A popular package, allowing for unhurried, extensive coverage from the bride's preparations to the early part of the reception.

Rare Orchid £1,600 – 8 hours' attendance
An exclusive package that allows the extra time we need for lots of especially creative, memorable shots. We start earlier and stay much longer at the reception.

Attendance/shooting overtime £250 per hour

What's Included
› Our senior photographer and one assistant (assistant is not always necessary with Red Rose).
› Supply of all images in medium resolution digital format.
› On-line gallery with secure access for you and your guests.

Large album £680 – 35x35cm (square) or 40x30cm
40 pages, includes the prints and matching luxury case.

Triple album set £780 – As above plus 2 smaller albums.

Medium album £565 – 35x25cm
40 pages, includes prints and matching deluxe case.

Medium photo book £480 – 30x30cm (square) or 35x25cm
40 pages, linen finish, personalised.

Legacy photo case, £420 – 25x25cm or 30x20cm
Personalised hard case, linen finish with 20 mounted prints.

Fine art prints – 8x10" £50, 12x16" £95, 16x20" £145
Mounted wall prints, rigid backing and bevelled window overlay (sizes refer to print). Framing prices on request.

All hand-crafted especially for you in a variety of finishes, e.g. leather, linen or acrylic. Also, a wider selection of exquisite albums, photo-books, print boxes etc. from the world's best craftsmen is available on request.

Let us help you create your own photography plan to suit your exquisite wedding event or destination wedding.
We can include engagement, pre-wedding and 'day after' sessions or a follow-up pampering and photo session in our studio to immortalise you in your wedding finery.

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us and tap into our extensive experience.
Download PDF / call +44 (0)330 330 9051. Prices include VAT and may change without notice.
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