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Head Shot
Make it Personal
There is no substitute for expertly produced head shots to help you make a personal connection with your audience and exert a positive influence. Now with help from Photowork there is no excuse either, for showing inferior pictures on your website and other media. When you book a head shot session during the month of February you get:
> Professional quality shots of up to 5 staff for £250.00 + VAT*
> Professional quality shots of up to 10 staff for £350.00 + VAT*
At Photowork we have refined the process of head shot photography causing minimum disruption and getting it right in one visit. These rates include a telephone or email consultation, the photographer and one assistant, specialist lighting and shooting 'tethered' to a laptop so you can see the results straight away.
If you are a small business you can team up with colleagues to take advantage of this offer and share the cost, provided we have confirmation from and only bill one entity.
*NOTE: Offer applies when all staff included are photographed at your premises in one single session. We can also arrange to shoot in our studio on request. We must receive your booking confirmation and deposit by 28 February 2019. Travel costs may apply if you are a significant distance from our base - please ask for details.
Location or studio

Location shooting broadly encompasses architecture and interiors, restaurants, offices, other commercial, industrial and construction sites, and street or scenic landscape shooting for corporate communications or marketing. We also photograph individual or team portraits in your premises or in an outdoor setting, projecting the individual’s character or underscoring your brand values. As you’d expect we procure all necessary camera, video and computer equipment, portable lighting, power supplies, props, backdrops and a number of assistants as required.

For studio work we are affiliated with a number of London studios, each offering specialised facilities for portrait work, product photography, business concepts, special effects and food photography, including kitchen facilities and props. We can also make recommendations on and secure the right ambient setting for your project i.e. a stately home, a luxury hotel, a modern, minimalist or period interior, ancient ruins, industrial spaces or anything unusual.

If you are working with a creative agency we are happy to collaborate and shoot to a brief. On the other hand we can help you plan the entire session, calling on our years of experience in creative direction. Call Photowork for an exploratory discussion about the specific requirements of your project – we are happy to help.

Why choose Photowork

Research & Preparation

We don't take your work for granted. Pressing the shutter button is the culmination of a great deal of thinking, research and preparation. We consider your project in detail, 'what's behind the shot', and choose the right approach. We take into account the people involved, the location, weather, timings, backgrounds and props, lighting and photographic equipment. That way we can plan the shooting process and pre-determine the result.

Technical Expertise & Equipment

Digital cameras and modern lenses can offer great possibilities at the cost of considerable complexity. They also come with their individual limitations. It is down to the photographer's knowledge and experience to select the right equipment for each project and to get the most out of it. Likewise, lighting is the photographer's language and it takes skill to employ it correctly as a means of expression. At Photowork we have been perfecting such skills for over 35 years and our equipment is arguably some of the best around. It's regularly serviced, checked before each session and, as a standard precaution, we always carry spares of everything.

Creative Skill: Capturing the Essence

After more than 35 years in the field our passion for great photography remains undiminished. Before we shoot anything we want to know the purpose – then we set out to achieve just that. We want to create images that capture the essence of your message and evoke an emotional response from your audience.

An Army of Professionals

We can call on an army of specialists with proven skills that are complementary to our photography. From stage designers, stylists, videographers, lighting assistants, riggers and drone pilots to hair and makeup artists, they are all at your disposal through Photowork, to ensure the success of your project.

Creative Studio Backup

Today's digital photography can be taken to another level by expert post–processing. Our in–house creative studio provides a comprehensive range of optional services such as image manipulation and retouching as well as design direction by our senior designer. You also have access to a full–service design consultancy in our parent company.

Reliability and Punctuality

We are only too aware of the delays and frustrations caused by carelessness and inattention. At Photowork we take care to prevent such unwanted distractions with meticulous planning and good communication. And if things do go wrong for reasons we cannot control, it's our promise to you that we'll work tirelessly to resolve any issues to your satisfaction.

Customer Delight

Ultimately, the Photowork promise is to deliver a worthwhile investment in professional photography and customer delight at every step of the process.

If you like our work, contact us today to discuss the specific requirements of your project. Email us at or call +44 (0)330 330 9052 for an exploratory conversation.

Commercial rates


Because we are dealing with a creative process, as with most professional photographers it is always best to talk to us first for an accurate assessment of the final cost.

However, to help you budget for your project we set out here how we calculate your costs. The total cost of your photography project will comprise of these main elements:
  • The Photography fee (or creative fee)
  • Any expenses and disbursements
  • A licence fee (all photography is artistic creation involving reproduction rights)
  • Image retouching and manipulation, if required

NOTE: Prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and exclude VAT to be added at current rates if applicable.

  • Photography rate £120/hr (minimum charge £300 for up to 2.5 hours' attendance).
  • Photography rate, full day £900 (for 8 hours' attendance).
  • Research & preparation, sourcing props, location visits etc. £50/hr.

NOTE 1: Lower rates may apply for extended assignments or premium rates may apply elsewhere. Please call to discuss; we are always pleased to provide you with a written estimate.

NOTE 2: Prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and exclude VAT to be added at current rates if applicable.

What’s included:
  • The photographer's time, proven skill and experience.
  • Usually one assistant for greater efficiency.
  • Suitable, quality camera equipment and lighting.
  • Basic post processing in our studio prior to delivery of images.
  • Supply of all the best images.

NOTE: We supply high resolution JPG files in the sRGB colour space via a download, suitable for viewing and processing on most computers. We can provide you with other file formats on various digital media on request. We do not supply files in RAW format.

  • Specialist equipment hire: at cost +15% handling charge.
  • Travel time if more than 20 miles each way or more than 3 hours in total: £15/hr.
  • Travel expenses: Car mileage: 60p/mile; flights/rail travel: at cost.
  • Accommodation and out-of-pocket expenses: at cost.
  • Additional personnel: i.e. assistants, lighting, hair, makeup etc.: as required.


Photographic images are an artistic production and are therefore subject to copyright restrictions and controlled reproduction rights. At Photowork we keep licensing simple and business-like, fully aware of the financial pressures in the business environment, keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

Some factors that will influence the cost of licensing include the size and nature of your business, your intended use, the size of your audience, the type of media used to reproduce the images, the size of the reproduced image and the extent of geographical distribution. Therefore your licence could cost as little as £1 or it could be a few thousand pounds. So we encourage you to have a conversation with us for an assessment of the cost.


Today's digital photography can be taken to another level by expert post-processing:

  • Image retouching and manipulation by a professional re-toucher: £60/hr.
  • Photo editing consultation by our senior designer (shortlist & rate images, advise on crops etc.): £45/hr.
  • Rushed studio handling and processing time: add 50%.
  • Printing and framing: as required.

NOTE: We also offer a full-service design consultancy through our parent company – ask for details.


The Photowork promise is to deliver a worthwhile investment in professional photography every time and customer delight at every step of the process.

If you like our work, contact us today to discuss the specific requirements of your project:
Email us at or call +44 (0)330 330 9052 for an exploratory conversation.
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