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The Whisper, business concepts.
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Chess and the currency markets, business concepts.
Dancers from The Philippines at WTM London
Harissa, Lebanese cake with almonds.
Bride with bouquet, mirror and window.
The flotilla at anchor after a hard day relaxing.
Rio Bridge, the Peloponnese.
Passing the baton, business concepts.
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Head Shot
Head shot photography offer: make it personal!
There is no substitute for professionally produced head shots to help you make a personal connection with your audience and exert a positive influence. Now with expert help from Photowork there is no excuse either! When you book a head shot session before February is out you get:
> Professional quality shots of up to 5 staff for £250.00 + VAT*
> Professional quality shots of up to 10 staff for £350.00 + VAT*
At Photowork we have refined the process of head shot photography causing minimum disruption and getting it right in one visit. These rates include a telephone or email consultation, the photographer and one assistant, specialist lighting and shooting 'tethered' to a laptop so you can see the results straight away.
If you are a small business you can team up with colleagues to take advantage of this offer and share the cost, provided we have confirmation from and only bill one entity.
*NOTE: Offer applies when all staff included are photographed at your premises in one single session. We can also arrange to shoot in our studio on request. We must receive your booking confirmation and deposit by 28 February 2019. Travel costs may apply if you are a significant distance from our base - please ask for details.
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